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KP Group’s flagship company, KP Buildcon Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 organization, enjoys status of India’s one of the largest Telecom Infrastructure Providers since 2009 for World’s Largest Telecom Towers Company (Indus Towers).

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Start project:

Green Hydrogen holds a strong promise for future energy. The world is going through an energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and green hydrogen is being the most preferred source of energy in the years to come.

KPF Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Technology Private Limited registered at Surat, Gujarat, India is Wholly owned subsidiary of KP Group aims to produce and supply “Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia” by using renewable energy to make it competitive.

Hydrogen “The Future”

With rising energy prices and India’s dependence on imported fossil fuels to meet its ever increasing demand for energy, Green Hydrogen a cleaner fuel produce a much lower cost can help India to be self-reliant in the energy sector.

KP Group, well known for its remarkable contribution in renewable energy has recently entered into the business of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia to meet the ever rising demand for a sustainable environment with reduced carbon emissions for industrial processes and transportation.


When hydrogen is obtained from hydrocarbons, such as natural gas or coal, the carbon constituents leftover combine with oxygen and form carbon-dioxide, a critical greenhouse gas. This is called Brown, Black or Grey Hydrogen based on process used.
Hydrogen can instead be separated from water through a process called “electrolysis”, which is a completely carbon-free process using renewable energy. This is called Green Hydrogen.


Green Hydrogen can be used as a hydrogen fuel for fuel cells or internal combustion engines. Hydrogen vehicles are not limited to automobiles, even trucks are now being designed to run on green hydrogen.


Green Hydrogen can also be used for cooking and heating within homes in the near future Hydrogen heating has also been proposed as an alternative to power in colder countries.


We create awesome stuff

KPF Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Technology Pvt. Ltd. recently registered in Surat is a wholly owned subsidiary of KP Group will produce and supply Green Hydrogen and Ammonia using a technology that uses clean energy preferably solar thereby making it competitive. The future is on the way of making successive.

About Green Ammonia

Ammonia is normally manufactured using the Haber-Bosch process, which synthesizes Ammonia (NH3) from Hydrogen (H2) and Nitrogen (N2). Nitrogen is an inert gas abundant in the air we breathe, and hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. However, Hydrogen rarely exists in its elemental form, and obtaining hydrogen requires extracting it from another source, called a hydrogen carrier. Ammonia made from Green Hydrogen is called Green Ammonia.

Green Ammonia’s several potential applications

As a carbon-free asset, Green Ammonia has several potential applications,
• Long duration renewable storage
• Transport fuel for fuel cells vehicles
• Feedstock as green fertilizer
• An Industrial energy source

Key Reasons of Success

Recognized and trusted corporate group

Strong management team

Efficient cost structure



KPGHAT shall join hands with a technology partner to produce green hydrogen and ammonia thereby making it competitive and attractive for industries to accept a cleaner fuel and make the transition easy to Green H2 and Ammonia to create a sustainable future.

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